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Monday Focus: Roger Morgan-Grenville, author of Shearwater (published by Icon this month)

Roger published his first book, Liquid Gold, in March 2020. In the book the former soldier and Help for Heroes co-founder wrote of his new-found delight in beekeeping. You can read an extract from Liquid Gold in the Daily Mail here:

and an interview in the Telegraph here:

This month sees the paperback of Liquid Gold and a new book which describes Roger’s lifetime obsession with the Shearwater, since his first sighting on the Hebridean island of Rum, where his grandmother lived.

The Shearwater is truly extraordinary – one of life’s great travellers.

Ten weeks into its life, a Manx shearwater chick will emerge from its burrow and fly 8,000 miles from the west coast of the British Isles to the South Atlantic. It will be unlikely to touch land again for four years. In the book, Roger brings his characteristic warmth and enthusiasm to this truly mysterious and charismatic bird.

You can read the Daily Mail’s review here:

And the Herald here:

And tune in to BBC radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme when Roger will be appearing on Saturday 24 April

You can buy your copy of Shearwater here:

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