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The insider’s account of covid: Spike: The Virus Vs The People

- The inside story by Jeremy Farrar with Anjana Ahuja (Profile books)

Thursday 22 July saw the publication of one of the most important books of the year so far - SAGE member and Wellcome Trust Director Sir Jeremy Farrar’s insider’s account of the pandemic, co-authored by leading science writer Anjana Ahuja. Written with the pace of a thriller it throws crucial light on the government’s claim to be ‘following the science’.

You can read extracts in the Times and Sunday Times, interviews in the Times magazine and Observer

And reviews in the Times, Sunday Times, Guardian and Observer.

You can hear Sir Jeremy’s Today programme interview aired on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Friday 23 07.50 hrs

Sir Jeremy will be donating all his royalties to the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation.

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