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New Year by Juli Zeh – now available in English for the first time, translated by Alta L. Price

‘New year, new you. What’s great about cycling is that all you need to do is pedal…’

Lanzarote on New Year’s Day: Henning is cycling up the steep path to Femés. As he struggles against the wind and the gradient he takes stock of his life. He has a job, a wife, two children—yet hardly recognizes himself anymore. Panic attacks have been pouncing on him like demons.

When he finally reaches the pass in utter exhaustion, a mysterious coincidence unveils a repressed yet vivid memory, plunging him back into childhood and the traumatic event that almost cost him and his sister their lives. In this compelling and darkly psychological novel, Juli Zeh tells the breathtaking story of two small children who, in the middle of a holiday in paradise, end up in hell and live to tell the tale. 

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly wrote, ‘Zeh’s novel skilfully asks how a person can come to terms with a painful past that has been intentionally misremembered for the purpose of sustaining one’s mental health. Readers, though, will have no trouble remembering this.’

Juli Zeh is one of Germany’s most successful literary novelists – if you read this book, we’re sure you’ll see why.

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