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Julia Stonehouse tells the story of her father John Stonehouse, the runaway MP in powerful new book

On 20 November 1974, British Labour MP and Privy Counsellor John Stonehouse faked his death in Miami and, using a forged identity, entered Australia hoping to escape his old life and start anew. One month later his identity was uncovered and he was cautioned; the start of years of legal proceedings.

In a tale that involves spies from the communist Czechoslovak secret service, a three-way love affair and the Old Bailey, John’s daughter examines previously unseen evidence, telling the dramatic true story for the first time, disputing allegations and upturning common misconceptions which are still in circulation.

The story was never far from the front pages of the press in the mid-70s, and yet so much of the truth is still unknown. A close look at the political dynamics of the time; paced like a thriller, it’s time for the world to know the real John Stonehouse.

'A compelling account of an extraordinary political scandal, written from inside the Stonehouse family' –Martin Bell

You can read an extract from the book in the Mail on Sunday here:

It’s published on 19 July.

Julia Stonehouse is a ghost-writer, working in the industry for over 30 years. In her own name she is the author of Idols to Incubators (1994, Scarlet Press) and The Misconception Files (2017).

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