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Imagine you are a young girl in Damascus… war is raging all around you

The new novel by Samar Yazbek, acclaimed author of The Crossing – Planet of Clay

Syrian author Samar Yazbek is the acclaimed author of The Crossing – and her new novel, Planet of Clay, translated by Leri Price is an ode to fantasy and to beauty in the midst of war-torn Damascus.

Planet of Clay, tells the story of Rima, a young girl living in Damascus while the city is being bombed. Rima finds refuge in an imaginary world of fantasy, until one day her mother is shot dead by military gunfire while they are travelling together through the city. The injured girl is taken to recover in the besieged Ghouta neighbourhood and there, she writes her story.

You can read Lucy Popescu’s review of the book in the Observer here, and reviews by top blogger Cathy and Lizzy’s Book Blog.

Thank you to English Pen for support.

Watch Samar’s event at the Edinburgh Book Festival here.

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