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Foot Notes by Guy Kennaway and Hussein Sharif

Why two very different people are talking with one another about race.

When Guy Kennaway, 63, a white, middle class, overweight, English, Tory-voting writer met Hussein Sharif, 22, an African-born, inner city, Tory-hating Muslim, they assumed they had little in common. But newly-related by marriage, they decided to go on a walk through Britain to get to know each other.

Guy’s mission was to explain to Hussein how wonderful British life and culture was, and Hussein’s was to describe to Guy the realities of life as a young black Muslim in Britain in 2019.

Over a forty-mile hike they made friends, fell out, told stories, encountered strangers, argued, laughed and got very sore feet. Held up by COVID-19 and dramatically diverted by BLM, they reached the end of their walk together, but for both of them it marked the start of a new and more important journey.

You can read an interview with Guy and Hussein in the Telegraph magazine here

They’ll be talking to Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell on the Times Radio breakfast show on Tuesday 18 May at 9.40 – don’t miss out.

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